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Miroir By Ad Wammes

Peter Clark

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This has come some way since it started on Glass and minimalism, but has anyone come across Miroir by Ad Wammes? Its crops up in quite a few programmes by 'concert organists', I rather like it as a piece of minimalism, and its not too long. There's a recording from Symphony Hall of it.


Following Guillmant's recommendation I got this score recently; it has apparently been played at Lichfeld Cathedral (though by whom I know not). My initial thoughts are that this is a piece which will take quite a while to get right. It is not so much the manual and pedal dexterity required - no demi-simiquaver passages, no multi-octave arpeggios or anything like that (though there is some fairly straighforward double pedalling) but the rhythmic element is a little awkward;also the registration changes demanded may require an assistant or a stepper since the hands are occupied without cessation all the way through.


BTW this board being down for a while must have saved me a fortune! I'm constantly sending away for music recommended by members of this forum. In the last few months alone I've bough Mad Rush (Glass), some other Glass, Trumpetting Organ Morgan, the Thunderbirds theme tume (yes, it works well!). Another worthwhile purchase is Barry Williams' book which wittily and eruditely explains literally "everything else you need to know" if you are an organist ie it doesn't go into technique, registrations, repetoire &c. I was pleased to learn, for example, that I cannot be sacked from my post for reading Playboy though I would imagine that if I were seen reading it during Mindight Mass some concern might be expressed!


On another topic, I recently downloaded from Sibelius a piece called Acceptance by an Australian composer, Paul Copeland, which I played at Communion last Sunday. I find the piece remarkably attractive (and not as easy as it looks - certainly be careful if you sight read it in public!). It has hints of Messiaen in it - the first two chords are very Banquet Celeste - but I think it is a good work. Anyone else know it?


Best to all



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