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Sopranos Needed!


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I have already asked Mr Mander if it ok for me to use the forum for this, and he was fine about it, so no apology needed except to you fellow posters/readers - sorry for the indulgence!


I am taking my choir to sing in Gloucester Cathedral (weather permitting) at the end of August (23rd to 26th incl). We are staying in Cheltenham at Dean Close School. We have been doing this sort of thing for years, but for the first time I find myself short of around 3 sopranos. If any of you are one, or know of a good sop (excellent sight reading skills, non-wobbly voice(!) and who likes a pint or two) please get in touch, or put me in touch with them. Accommodation, breakfasts and two dinners are included in the £70 cost - what a bargain! Music is interesting as well.


Best wishes


Richard Harrison

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