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I hope everyone has had a good summer... I'm here to see if I can interest anyone in two boxes of music, CDs, periodicals, books etc which I need to dispose of soonish. Music - about 30 scores, maybe one or two review copies, but most are my own and unlikely ever to be useful again. About half the copies have never been used. There is some Heiller, Eben Langlais, Dupre, etc in there, and though some scores are a bit battered they are all usable. Cds - about 40, acquired over a long period because I had space for them, mostly organ, some choral, and a few cassettes too, whose condition I have no idea about - I no longer have a cassete player. Periodicals - back issues of OR, C and O, and a few others. Books - some general history, some composer specific, one or two small books about eg St Jakobi Lubeck and one or two scholarly tomes in German (relic of postgrad days). All in good condition, and all offered to a good home, for a reasonable offer (compromise figure between the buyer doing me a favour, and there being about £800 of material all told). Only conditions - buyer to collect, and I would really like to dispose of the whole lot in one go, which is why I don't want to resort to ebay. PMs or contact via the cathedral office welcome. SF

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