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Hymn Tune 'freshwater' (parry)

Jonathan Thorne

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Hi Folks - I've played one of the most tuneful hymns ever at a family funeral. I was not known at all, so I'd thought I'd ask the discussion board if they have....




Blimey! never thought to hear of that one again. I had to do this on a harmonium in St. Helen's Mission church, on the Isle of Wight when I was a spotty youth.....that makes it about 45 years ago. It was in A & M standard and the I.o.W. connection in the name is not lost on me. I recall that the choir were quite unable to get it sorted, so it was dropped and we did 'Never Weather-beaten Sail' instead.


I've just had a look at it, stuck it on the desk, played it through, and it just took me three goes to get it right. Tricky little devil , well it is at my level of competence!



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