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Hi all,


I was recently attending a National Organist's Congress and came across a hymn about the organ.


The tune for it is 'Aurelia'.


1. Our organ's firm foundations are Diapasons fat.

Installed in 1920, from that day since, they've sat.

From builder famed we sought it -

the object of our pride.

For fifteen grand we bought it,

when our old tracker died.


2. Elect from every family of pipes that give a hoot,

it's great specification: one reed, one string, one flute;

with leathered Diapasons

at sixteen, eight and four;

and sub and super couplers,

how could one ask for more?


3. Though with a scornful wonder men hear it sore oppressed,

by ciphers rent asunder, by windtrunk leaks distressed.

Yet choir boys are list'ning;

there cry goes up, "How long

before this hoot and hissing

cease drowning out our song?"


4. 'Mid toil and tribulation and heated Vestry wars,

we wait the ruination of it forevermore;

till with some chiffing glorious

our longing ears are bless'd,

and leathered pipes notorious

shall be but scraps at rest.


5. Yet still we oil the swell shades each month with Three-in-One,

and grease the motor bearings, to quiet down its run;

O, mis'rable contraption!

Lord, grant us funds that we

might junk it for a tracker

with pressures less than three!

(from Sutton Coldfield parish church)


Has anyone got anymore? Would be interested to hear some.



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