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Hi Marko,


i take it you are looking for three seperate pieces


The Introit : Turn thy face from my Sins - Thomas Attwood or 'Litany to the Holy Spirit' by Peter Hurford


The Communion : Wash Me Throughly - S.S. Wesley (Who also wrote Blessed be the God and Father etc) - the text is 'Wash me Throughly from my wickedness and forgive me all my sin. For i acknowladge my faults and my sin is ever before me'


The End : ... well i'll get back to you




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Guest Barry Williams
I know it's not (or shouldn't be) accompanied, but Purcell's Hear my Prayer, O Lord can't be beaten for kicking Lent off.



I heard an interesting lecture by Professor John Morehen in which he explained why almost all English church music was originally accompanied. He pointed out that there were organ scores for works as late as Wesley's In Exitu Israel. It seems that only Byrd's Masses should be a cappella and that because of their origins, i.e. no organ to hand. An 'historic' performance of choral church music before the late nineteenth century should almost always include an organ accompaniment.


Barry Williams

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