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Can anyone please help? Many years ago whilst still at school I sang at a service in Coventry Cathedral. I was particularly impressed with the piece played before the choir processed in, which I think was by Janacek - LOADS of bare fifths resounding atound the building! I also seem to remember being told it was titled "On the Rock the Church is Founded" I'm trying to find recordings of it and also the sheet music, but so far keep coming to dead ends! Hope anyone can help me out!

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I think this is one of the two chorale preludes by Bedrich Janacek (NB, not Leos!) that are/were published under one cover by OUP. I have them somewhere. It is a very effective piece and not at all difficult. Sounds best on a classically voiced organ (or at least one with a good chorus structure to Mixtures - like Coventry!)

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Yep, that's the piece, but it looks as though it it's now out of print. Roger Molyneux appears to have a secondhand copy or two though: http://www.organmusic.org.uk/Cat1007.pdf


You might be interested to know that Bedrich Janacek, who indeed was a Czech but was organist of Lund cathedral in Sweden, died about a month ago. He was a nice man.



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Many thanks to you both! I'm very grateful for the information :huh:


Hello all,


I received an e-mail from Bedrich Janacek's widow. Excerpt:


First of all I like to thank you for presenting Bedrich´s two Chorale Preludes

on OUP. Only it might have caused some trouble for the person who was

looking for them that the one he listened to as a choir boy in Coventry

Cathedral has the name Built on the Rock. The second one is O Jesu Christ,

thou fount of grace, commissioned by C H Trevor at the Royal School of Music

in London, and we heard that he liked to use them in his teaching.

Bedrich´s list of compositions, mainly for organ but also brass and organ, choir a s o, is now quite long. His works are printed mainly in Sweden, USA, and Norway. As he was ill for many years, he gave up his concert playing in the autumn 2003. It gave him much time for writing music, and he was still proof reading until about a fortnight before he died on June 3, 2007. His compositions in the USA are published by API, Fish Creek, in Sweden by various editors, such as TRUMPH in Trelleborg, and in Norway by Cantando, Stavanger.


There was an important tradition leading from Wiedermann to Bedrich Janacek.

I saw that somebody, on the same Mander Organ sight, was asking about

"Weidermann". Bedrich edited Wiedermann´s Notturno in 1954, published by UMP, and the Berceuse in 1955, also by UMP. But even Henderson´s dictionnary has quite a list of Wiedermann compositions. Together with Jiri Ropek Bedrich was the best known Wiedermann pupil.




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