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Help Me.........


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I feel like "The Fly" in the middle of the spider's web, crying "Help me!"


I love the Vincent Price version!


Anyway, I've got this problem, see......I'm more stupid than a chicken, as Marek points out.


Last year, I wrote a story for Christmas (a bit hurried, and since improved), but this year, I have some of my original cartoons, which are rather fun, and to which I will add some more seasonal ones in the form of "Ideas for the organist's Christmas gift".


How on EARTH....or for that matter....in HEAVEN'S NAME..... HOW THE HELL.....or even IN GOD'S NAME do I get these onto the board without crashing it, creating an international spam event or starting a nuclear holocaust?


I hate the web as much as Vincent Price, but I can't escape.



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Unless the owners of the forum have implemented another way of doing it, the normal method of making pictures available on a forum topic is to upload them to a server with a presence on the web (i.e. accessible via an IP address), which may be your own space, or someone else's or even a freely available space for pictures (and graphics count as pictures as much as do photographs.) BTW, one would recommend using gif or jpg format.


Then post the URL of the picture (wherever it resides) into the topic entry on the forum which you deisre. (Looking up BBCode in the help topics should assist in this area, though it is not onerous correctly to formulate the statement required for each picture.

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Guest Geoff McMahon

You are correct - to display images on this forum, you have to upload them to somewhere else and then put a link to them from a forum post. There are two reasons for this: one has to do with security, the other has to do with the cost of the (already) many gigabytes of "bandwidth".


Moderator, Mander Organs

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