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Bach Bwv 536 And Buxtehude D Major

Peter Clark

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One of the pieces I am revisiting is the Bach Prelude and Fugue in A, BWV 536 which I leart many years ago for an exam. Playing through it it struck me that the prelude may have an affinity with the Buxtehude Prelude in D (Peters bk 1, p 6, I don't have the Bux number I am afraid). It is well known that Bach admired Buxtehude and Grace suggests that he may have had Buxtehude's F major fugue in mind (p 28) when he wrote the D major fugue (the prelude to which of course resembles some of Buxtehude's sectional style).


So then, is it possible that Bach may have been influenced by Buxtehude in the A major? Both have arpeggiated opeings, but I am thinking more of the manual-pedal interplay starting at bar 20 (and at bar 13 in the Buxtehude). Once we get to the fugues of corse there is a complete divergence of style.


Best wishes



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