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Dear readers of this board,

may I give you latest information regarding an older issue, which was of interest for some of you.


In the last three years there was some rumor in the organ world about the Schnitger Organ of the village of Neuenfelde (now part of the City of Hamburg, Germany). The church is situated close to a plant of EADS Airbus aircraft industry, and a runway extension was planned to make that plant ready for producing the new superjumbo A380 (min. 555 seats, 330 tons empty weight, 80 mt wingspan). A huge area of mudwater flats of high ecological meaning of the nearby Elbe river was to be destroyed to gain new land. Several initiatives have been founded, also one for the preservation of Schnitgers largest two manual organ (1688, II/P/34) and the beautifully decorated church, which was his last parish church and is his burial place. Local initiatives always were afraid that another runway extension would be necessary, as technical data and arguments were obviously manipulated. In short: The described factory expansion has happened, as happened the request for a second extension by Airbus. This second extension should have led the runway as close as 450 meters to the church. Aerodynamic load of up to 130 km/h for the church roofing has been precalculated, not to mention acoustical influences. The church tower (43 mt) would point about 15 mt into the flight level. Farmers and even the parish should be expropriated.


There was heavy struggling on both sides, but on Tuesday 10 August the last (in the near future) of several court decisions ruled a stop for any further expansion work! So this means that the church and the organ seem to be SAVED! The named research on how the church could be harmed by A380 planes passing the building was surely co-initiated by the huge number of organ friends from four continents, who contributed to the INZENSO campaign. Many, many thanks to all of you (about 500 organists and experts) who have written letters, mails etc...!


You are welcome to visit www.schnitgerorgel.de for more details (full english version available) and learn more about our new products (CD, DVD/VHS) which shall help raising funds for the next restoration of the famous instrument, which is to come within the next 5-10 years.


Thanks and greetings!

Karl-Bernhardin Kropf, Organist of Neuenfelde

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Guest Geoff McMahon

This really is good news and one of those heartening instances (all too rare) where the Common Man has been able to defeat the unnecessary objectives of big business.


Well done KB! Future generations will be very thankful to you.


John Pike Mander

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