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Rheinberger Organ Sonatas - The Ideal Organ

Jonathan Thorne

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I'm just enjoying my Vol. 2 of the Rheinberger organ sonatas on the Naxos label, which are played on the organ at Fulda Cathedral.


Does anyone know what the ideal organ for Rheinberger's organ music would be?





Other than the Introduction and the final Passacaglia of the E minor, I would have thought that the best organ would be one which doesn't work anymore.


Oh dear! That makes my answer a Shibboleth doesn't it?



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Guest Barry Williams

As far as I recall there is only one crescendo marking in the whole of the Sonatas. Whilst the absence of such markings does not mean that crescendi are musically unacceptable, it makes me wonder whether Rheinberger had an organ without a Swell box in mind for these pieces.


Barry Williams

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You do not need any Swellbox for Rheinberger -nor Mendelssohn-.

The dynamic changes are done by manual changes; the manuals

have strongly differing strenghts.

This is the reason why the Furtwängler organ has two Pedal divisions.

The Swellbox is less important, by far, in german romantic organs

than in french or british ones.

Walcker still built 1907 two manual organs without any Swellbox.



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