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Hi there.


I am interested to know the history and specifications of the Organs at Notre Dame


Unfortunately the details on the Notre Dame website are in French which I do not




Does anyone know of, or have access to an English Version.


Much obliged

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This is indeed strange. There is an excellent CD available of the service improvisations of Yves Devernay (on the Grandes Orgues, N.-D.) He was clearly extremely talented. Apparently, he was also much-liked and respected by colleagues and the cathedral authorities.


However, you were asking about the specification. That which is given in the link is mostly correct. There are a few details which are not self-evident.


The GO Cymbale contains a tierce rank, which can be silenced if desired. The Chamades consist of three sets. The 8p and 4p ranks added by Robert Boisseau in about 1970-1 are visible in many photographs dating from when Pierre Cochereau was Titulaire (and also include a 16p/2p Regal rank). When the instrument was restored, two further ranks of 8p and 4p trompettes were added, ostensibly modelled on the C-C stops on the GO at S. Sernin, Toulouse. They are VERY loud! (Particularly if you are leaning against the case...) The Boisseau ranks are bright and fiery, the 1992 ranks are rounder - but not in the English tuba sense.


There is a good booklet available from the cathedral (in english) with several colour photographs. It also contains the history of the Orgue-de-Choeur.

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