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An Organ To Be Hated Or Loved?

Guest spottedmetal

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Guest spottedmetal
I would not like (ever) to have to choose between two well-made and carefully thought-out instruments of different styles. Anyone who decides to reject one in favour of the other is taking on a major responsibility and they must not be surprised when there are (more or less inevitably) other opinions on the matter.



I posted this question on the Hauptwerk forum, on which one finds interesting views with a different focus and members might be interested to see as there are clearly members there who are more local to the UK than I had originally thought:



The following is an extract from one post with Eton connexions . . .

I always remember Frank Fowler of HNB telling me that we would one day regret the destruction or remodelling of all of these romantic instruments. The ideas of John Norman, Ralph Downes and Grant, Degens and Bradbeer to name a few were important but one can't help feeling that the threw the baby out with the bathwater on many an occasion.


and another post suggests that I'd have been on-track there in encouraging the equivalent of the nightclub generation:

The last time I played the Hill, I remember amongst other things playing Gershwins Rhapsody in Blue with Alistair doing the registration and shouting out instructions like a fishwife as to which manual to play each bit of the orchestration as he changed stops ! It was all great fun and I doubt that the Hill had previously been so "misused" and probably never has since.


However, I do also hold the distinction of outraging a BBC correspondent who happened upon me playing the Teddy Bears Picnic in Blackburn Cathedral and mentioned it on the radio. The amount of flak I got from that one was considerable since everyone guessed that it was me.


No doubt there may be people here who will enjoy getting the posters there on board in this forum


Best wishes



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