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I'm Trying To Find A Recording Of ...


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Can anyone help, please?


Marie-Louise Langlais recorded Incatation pour un Jour Saint on an album for the Schwann label that featured Jean Langlais' Second Organ Concerto. I've not been able to find it for sale on-line and the original distributors doesn't know anything about it.


I wondered if anyone here had it in their library and, if so, whether a brief loan for educational purposes and an appropriate consideration might be possible?


PMs welcome.





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Dear Graham


Thanks. Yes, I'd seen that one and had even tried phoning the distributor who said that he thought their Koch Schwann recordings had gone to Universal but he couldn't be sure. Universal knew nothing about it.


Anyway, the problem has been solved. Thanks to everyone for their help.


Best wishes





It's a long shot, but this might help - http://www.ciao.se/Langlais_Organ_Concerto...n_Works__382866


Good luck!



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