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Which Are The Best Consoles?


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The one thing that did seem incongruous was the umbilical cord. I take it WiFi is not an option.


Wireless MIDI devices are available. PM me for more info if interested.

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Wireless MIDI devices are available. PM me for more info if interested.




I would avoid wireless devices like the plague! The spectrum is already pretty crowded - and the ongoing changes in radio spectrum allocation in the UK with the analogue TV switch off looks as if it's going to make the deregullated frequencies that these systems typically use even more crowded and liable to interference. Is a Cat5 cable (think computer networking) really that much of a problem? Most signals can be converted to run for hundresd of metres through this cheap and fairly thin cable.


Every Blessing



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Guest spottedmetal

Dear All


On the Nuts and Bolts section I've put a thread about Bells and Whistles on Toast . . . describing my adventure into fivemanualism. A visiting organist said at the weekend that it was the only 5 manual he had ever played on which the 5th manual was comfortably playable.


There are two components which lead to this:

1. adjusting the key rails and pistons so that the combo pistons can be brought as forward as possible without fouling the sharps of the Swell, if he keys are conventional square profile at the back

2. using manuals with rounded sharps (did this start with American Organs (ie harmoniums) in the 19th century ) and favoured by toasters since


Using sharps rounded at the back means that one can bring the key rail of the higher manual more forward particularly if the lower manual, in this case the Solo, is sloping forward. This enables the Echo manual to be brought forward as much as one wants leaving as much of the Solo manual underneath exposed for playing as one is comfortable with.


Best wishes



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