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Guest Barry Williams

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Guest Barry Williams

Mr John Mander has kindly consented to my advertising a new book on this Board.


The Reverend Horatio Netherwallop has produced "The Organist's Dictionary of Real Meanings" which is available from Organist Publications Ltd, PO Box 538, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 9EY. The price is £8 which includes postage and packing (cheques made payable to Organist Publications Ltd please).


The book is very much in the spirit of 'Organ Pleno' and 'Full Swell'.


I give below a few samples from the Dictionary.



Barry Williams


Anthem: Part of the service where the choir reminds the congregation that they haven't been disbanded yet.


Great organ: What the congregation should say more often.


Passing note: What the organist does to the choir when he has run out of Mint Imperials.


Precentor: Person in charge of singing in a cathedral. One who appears on Songs of Praise is called a television precentor.


Sevenfold Amen: Device to make very sure that there are no more prayers.


World premier: Last performance of a commissioned work.

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Guest Patrick Coleman

I can thoroughly endorse this book, which has made me laugh and is now keeping our organist happy over Holy Week and Easter despite the looming presence of the Bishop!

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