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General Pistons Vs Sequencers


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I'm all for a voice interface, personally.


Then again, I'm the kind of guy who would forgo tabs/drawstops for flat-panel displays mounted on the jambs offering touch screen access... Web access.. Check these fora/the cricket scores/book a restaurant during the sermon.. ah, the possibilities are endless ;)


I can just hear myselff cussing under my breath as I try to call up my "miserable funeral" level or "twee wedding" setting in a full church using voice activation - our organ console has a micro-acoustic that amplifies every sound at the organ loft so it can be heard clearly round the church.... my basses would have great fun changing the level by voice as I play the voluntary as well...


I would hate to forgo stops - flat panels - yuk! how ephemeral, how likely to fail when you dash to remove the pedal trombone that's still on by mistake, how dated they'll look in 5 years time and even more unreliable they'll be. However, I'd rather like a monitor to do Facebook during dull intercessions but in the next year or so I'll have an iPhone so can use that instead... I think I'll stick nice materials like ivory, ebony and nice hardwoods for my consoles - and no plastic, thank you!

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