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Richard Dubois, Composer

Peter Clark

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Tmorrow's Gospel reading is the encounter with Jesus by the two disciples on the road to Emmaus; there is a delightful hymn about this event in the hymnal Praise the Lord (now alas out of print) called Jesus himself drew near, words by AR Habershon (1861 - 1918), and music by Richard Dubois - a most enchanting, almost ethereal tune, in free rhythm with some seriously spooky chording. I'm using it tomorrow as a simple communion reflection. The tune is called, naturally enough, Emmaus. I can find out nothing about this composer - not even his dates - and so I wonder if anyone has come across him or his music anywhere?





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My Google-based guess is that he is the Richard DuBois that retired about the year 2000 from the Faculty of Music in the University of Massachusetts Amherst; he conducted the Massachusetts Chorale.



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