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Finding The Obscure


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There is a superb CD of Simon Nieminski playing Reuchsel here - well worth getting for some really quite interesting pieces really well played.



Yes, I enjoy Reuchsel's music too. Well worth exploring.

From Volume 1 of Promenades en Provence: Nuages ensoleillées sur le Cap Nègre (Sunlit clouds on Cap Nègre) is a spectacular toccata, its double pedalling gave the Divided Pedal an outing at Truro last summer. :rolleyes:

I've learnt Tambourinaires sur la place des Vieux Salins, (Drummers in the place des Vieux Salins) too, but not given that a public outing yet! :unsure:

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Guest Roffensis

One interesting set of pieces a friend has is "Lady Hurnett's Book of Eighteenth Century Organ Voluntaries for one manual".


I have never asked who actually published these, but published indeed they were, and my collegue actually played one, although his copy was in manuscript form. He said the original was too battered to use, and he had copied it out. Basically Intro with one Diapason, and a Jig Fugue for flutes 8 and 4. There were 12, all in D,G or e.


Has anyone ever spotted these? Are they contemporary to the likes of Walond and Boyce?



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