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Leighton: An Easter Sequence

Vox Humana

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I don't know how well known this piece is, but I thought I'd ask.


The fourth movement, "At the Communion", begins with a quiet organ solo consisting of an improvisatory, arabesque right-hand solo over sustained left-hand chords. It's marked "liberamente - quasi improvisando". Near the end there's a gap in the right-hand notation after a D natural and the words "ripetuto ad lib". The only performance of this work that I have heard is the recording by St John's, Cambridge and on that the organist simply reiterates the D natural a few times before continuing. However it seems to me more likely that the "ripetuto" is meant to apply to an ad lib number of repetitions of the whole preceding seven-note phrase that has already been repeated in the notation a couple of times (especially since the notation then continues with the end of this same phrase). Does anyone know the definitive answer to this please?


You can hear the relevant passage at track 7 here - the clip fades out just after the bar in question.

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