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I must say there is something to be said for Rothwell's genius idea of having the stop(tab)s, rather than the pistons, arranged between each manual. I've played one of his organs and heard another in concert and have to concede they were both brilliantly designed and beautifully voiced and entirely deserving of historical organ certificates. Curiously I can't see any organ designers rushing up to build new organs with such a console though.

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Doesn't look like a Harrison console, certainly! It's Ghent Cathedral, by the way:



Not one of the world's great organs. (It's basically a 3 manual in the choir and a 2 manual in the North transept.)

I guess others will remember this from school....


Then I cast loose my buffcoat, each holster let fall,

Shook off both my jack-boots, let go belt and all,

Stood up in the stirrup, leaned, patted his ear,

Called my Roland his pet-name, my horse without peer;

Clapped my hands, laughed and sang, any noise, bad or good,

Till at length into Aix Roland galloped and stood.


And all I remember is, friends flocking round

As I sat with his head ’twixt my knees on the ground;

And no voice but was praising this Roland of mine,

As I poured down his throat our last measure of wine,

Which (the burgesses voted by common consent)

Was no more than his due who brought good news from Ghent.

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