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Advice On My Meursault Programme Please

Guest Hector5

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Guest Hector5

I have been banging my head against a brick wall in terms of my Meursault recital and have come up with the following programme:


Prelude and Fugue in C minor (BWV 537) – J. S. Bach


Arabesque – Louis Vierne


Scherzo - Samuel Rousseau


Prélude Funèbre – J. Guy Ropartz


Finale – Henry Smart


Fantasie (Op 73) Samuel Rousseau******


Canzona – René Vierne


Suite Romantique – Denis Bédard

i. Prelude-Choral

ii. Allegro giocoso

iii. Intermezzo

iv. Final-Toccata




As you can see, I have tried to please the locals as well as find something that will suit a 1m and pedal (albeit well-stocked) organ. I have one problem - I'm not sure about the Fantasie, as it's long'ish and in bite-sized chunks and VERY Franckian and a little turgid. Can anyone suggest something in it's place - I did think of the Andante (Movement II) and Allegro (Movement I) from Maquiare's Premiere Symphonie instead. Certainly these will work on the organ with no problem, but I wonder if there's anything else out there worth trying - large scale, and suited to a meaty one manual and pedal instrument (stoplist on the thread).


Over to you,




P.S. The Smart piece is fantastic and comes from a volume of pieces edited by Lemare available from the Sibley Music Archive.

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