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Vaughan Williams At Romsey Abbey


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I had the pleasure of playing the organ part of the Vaughan Williams Sea Symphony, coupled with Toward the Unknown Region with Mendelssohn's Verleigh uns Frieden, Gnädiglich on Saturday last. This spendid concert was performed with Elizabeth Franklin-Kitchen (soprano) and Stephen Gadd (baritone) the Romsey Choral Society, with the West Forest Symphonia, the Abbey was full to bursting, and I wonder if any of you were there?


As far as I know, these works are often performed without the organ part, which is a shame.


A wonderful evening! :)

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... and if you missed that, then pencil in September 19th at 7.30pm - David Owen Norris doing his English Hymnal bit and playing the RVW piano transcriptions of Schubler chorales, plus the Hampshire County Youth Choir doing Serenade to Music and Five Mystical Songs. Ian Caddy singing the baritone part (complete, if you can believe it, with baroque gesture - see www.baroquegestures.com) and the lovely Alice Wratten singing the high voice parts of Serenade.


You missed (well, most of you did) a good one two weeks ago - Vierne Angelus songs with me and Alice, a Mozart piano concerto with me and Nathaniel Brawn (a second year piano student, whom watch closely), and Mark Rowan-Hull (www.rowan-hull.co.uk) painting live during 2 mvts of improvisation. Exciting to watch, if not to listen to!



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