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Is Anyone Else As Mad, Old-fashioned And Insular As I Am?

Malcolm Kemp

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That's got you reading!!!


Not an organ problem but it is a church music one and therefore, possibly just about related to this forum. I'm having great difficulty - nay, finding it impossible - to get hold of copies of a quite small book of Mary Hymns by Fr Alban H Baverstock (one-time Vicar of Hintel Martell) which I think was published in the late 1930s, and also a rather sentimental D major 6/8 tune to the hymn "Mother of Christ, Mother of Christ, What shall I ask of Thee?" Both could be hidden and forgotten at the back of a drawer or cupboard in some church which has not been averse to E&B or what the (quaint) old Church Travellers' Directory used to designate DSCR.


The more obviously likely sources have all drawn a blank so far.




Malcolm Kemp

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