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Searching For Lee Blick


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Sorry if this is horribly off topic for you all but I need to get in touch with Lee Blick who often posts to this forum as a guest Would anyone have any idea how I might get hold of him or even if you happen to spot him can you ask him to get in touch with me through here? Thanks!


The book will - all things considered - be out for Christmas, I'm delighted to say. Many of you have graciously agreed to having your pearls of wit and wisdom reprinted in it and join the many others from the globe in celebrating the daft world of the organ. I'll post news of it later, but in the meantime thank you all for your patience. It's been a long year!!




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Look forward to seeing the book. What will be the title? Or is that currently unknown?



Hi Dave,

The title is being considered!

Should be out by November. Crossing fingers and toes as I write.



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