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Composers' Anniversaries


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I thought it would be easy to find a list of composers of organ music ordered by their anniversary years, the sort of list that will allow me to plan some repertoire learning over the next few years after my Buxtehude binge and the anticipated end of my Messiaen monomania.


As you can guess, because I'm posting this, I drew a blank.


Any pointers?

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This being the 150th anninversary of Reubke's death I suppose we should commemorate it somehow although I can't quite picture (on the other hand, unfortunately, I can) a designated Sunday where every church in the British Isles has the entire Sonata on the 94th Psalm as the voluntary at the end of the morning service! There are some(!!!) organs, organists and congregations that just could not cope!!!


This ties in with my comments earlier this week on the RCO topic about a comparitive lack of generic guidance available on playing German 19th century organ music as compared with the guidance (and opinions) on offer regarding Bach/Buxtehude.


I'm not sure whether this has been mentioned before but there is a superb DVD, produced by the University of Leeds, all about the history and rebuild of the Schulze organ in St Bartholomew's Armley. This centres around Geoffrey Barber discussing and giving a complete performance of the Reubke Sonata and there a many, lengthy views of him at the console so that you can watch how he plays it and handles the registration. You can even see his markings in his copy of the score. Very well worth buying and an admirable companion to the Durham DVD of James Lancelot similarly playing and discussing the Elgar Sonata.


Malcolm Kemp

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