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After much searching, I have found it now.


ORGANUM ANTIQUUM, published by Doblinger



A Google search on "organum antiquum" shows that it is available from Allegro, and at Sheetmusicplus there is a contents list and two sample pages, including one page from oneof the two RC estampies.

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You can preview the first page of one of the two Estampie from the Robersbridge Codex that Radulescu chose to include in Organum Antiquum, plus part of the preface, on Doblinger's 'Music2Print' web site. If you decide to purchase, you can download immediately and print.


Try this link:


or dig through from the doblinger.at site.

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Alternatively, you could register with DIAMM and edit the thing for yourself. http://www.diamm.ac.uk/jsp/Source.jsp?navT...p;sourceKey=386.

Or try


where a search on "robertsbridge" will find references to 4 different web pages; the first two are performances of the dances. They aren't individually indexed within the programmes, which run to an hour or more, but you can move the slider on most programs that play these files and find the start of the pieces by trial and error. Better still, start at the beginning and listen all the way through until you hear them - there's some good stuff there.


Unfortunately there's nothing on line, and as far as I can tell, there are no CDs to buy of another piece in the Dolinger "Organum antiquum" book, the piece by Ludolf Wilkin aus Winsem dated 1431, "Wol up ghesellen an der tyet IIII notarum". Its easy and fun to play, but a lot of the notes sound very wrong to my ears, and it would be hard to convince the average audience that the right notes were being played. It's also not clear, even with the instructions in the preface, about how the short squeezed-in ornamental bars should be played.

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