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19th Century German Romantic Organ Music

Malcolm Kemp

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Rheinberger's music do not need any Rollschweller, nor Swellbox!

It is composed for a kind of romantic organ I call "Northern", like

for example a Furtwängler, in which Schnitger still lives somewhere,

or a Schulze with its complete Diapason chorus.

The dynamic changes rely entirely upon manual changes, like

with Mendelssohn.


Here is a good example of a Furtwängler Organ of that period,

it is in a place named.....Buxtehude!





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I have been told today that Volume 2 of Jon Laukvik's treatise on Historical Performance Practice in Organ Playing (which covers the German romantic period) is being issued in an English translation. Carus apparently has allocated it a catalogue number but it is not actually published yet. I await it with eager anticipation.



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