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Members Cd - Thought It Had Gone Away?

Guest Cynic

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It has certainly taken me a long time, but firm proposals of how this could happen have now been drawn up. According to the poll taken earlier in the year, see here:


there ought to be enough players to justify us pressing ahead.


I have today sent full information to those few who had (so far) given me their home e-mail addresses for the purpose.


So, ladies and gents....if you'd like to perform please PM me your home e-mail address and the information will soon arrive.

If you're anxious to help our member Paul Hodges with offers of recording assistance, I can pass these on too.


Enquiries of all kinds relating to this initiative - please ask me.

A final thought: amongst your friends and colleagues there may be someone who does not read these pages who might both enjoy taking part and benefit the final CD (or CDs). I have no problem with you asking for information sheet on their behalf and passing it on. This is not a private club or a project with restricted scope.

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Thanks Paul for reminding us of this very worthwhile project. I am looking forward to getting involved. I hope other "regulars" out there will be contributing as well. I reckon that, given the wide range of musical tastes and indeed wide range of instruments we could put together a very interesting programme.


I'm also looking forward to the launch party - champers and canapes? :lol:


Seriously though, let's give this some support!



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