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You may need to look at your cookie settings; I have not needed to log in on my own computer for weeks.


Incidentally, I am sorry, but whilst clearing out a very full inbox a few weeks ago, I appear to have deleted your address and I have a Cochereau transcription to send to you. Could you please send me your address again.



pcnd - Thanks. PM sent with details.



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I think this point may have been raised, and answered, before but I wonder why it is that some days I can log-in after breakfast and keep going back in again for a period of well over 24 hours before I have to do the log-in process again, and yet on other days I have to log-in every time I look at the site. I think I've logged in at least four times today. Is it something I'm doing wrong on some days?

It seems strange that your computer should sometimes remember your login details and sometimes not. Try the following. I can't guarantee it will work, but it did for me when I was having a similar problem.


1) Log out. You should be returned to the forum's home page.

2) Click the "Log in" link next to where it says "Welcome guest" near the top of the page (do NOT log in using the boxes on the upper right of this page). You should be redirected to a page with pink on it.

3) Tick the "Remember me" box

4) Log in.

5) When the next page appears, save (or over-write) the link in your favourites menu.

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