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Anyone know what the latest is on this please? http://npor.emma.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch...ec_index=N03436


According to NPOR replacement of the PO was under consideration, and I have heard that they may be going digital........



I recorded on this little instrument about four years ago. It's a fine musical instrument* - indeed, in the right music it is very beautiful to listen to. However, I understand there have been a few action problems with it; I believe it is currently maintained by Kenneth Tickell. Bearing in mind my knowledge of the existing organ, my attention was drawn to a recent advert for one of the many companies who sell organ-substitutes claiming to have installed one in the cathedral. I'm afraid I didn't make a mental note of precisely which firm. The Ten Bruggencate organ takes up very little room in a north gallery, so I hope that even if it is not used, it will probably be left in place. It is a delight to the eye.


To ditch the pipes to make way for speakers would be vandalism, though of course this would not be the first time that such a thing has happened.


*Thereby hangs a rather curious tale: I think I am right in saying that some while after this small but effective organ was completed, the builder returned and (for some reason or another) took back some of the ranks of pipes. What is there now is action, casework and some pipes by Ten Bruggencate and the remainder made up by Kenneth Tickell and/or Michael Latham.

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