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Or........Auntie Mary had a Canary.........



Richard, you spoilsport. You don't have to read them. Anyway, just for you...


Robert Hope Jones

invented diaphones

and installed his invention

in the place we can't mention

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If Couperin could have tried a Harrison

Against a Mander for comparison,

Or a Cavaille-Coll perhaps

Could have been brought from under wraps;


He might then not care for F.H. Clicquot -

(The famous one at Poitiers, you know).

Maybe he'd have preferred instead to try

Another Clicquot which from Tesco's you buy.


But swigging widow's all very well

It can get you under its spell.

But now please tell us all what you

Think old Couperin would do?


(It's really not much good at all

Poor François predates them all).

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