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Bwv 1128: Wo Gott Der Herr Nicht Bei Uns Hält

Vox Humana

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Do any of you play this piece? If so, what speed do you think it should go? The little arabesque moment at the end of the first page and, even more, the free passage at the end where the right hand suddenly breaks into demisemiquavers seems to show Bach in an adagio frame of mind. Yet played slowly the piece sounds interminably boring, to me at any rate. I'm not sure I want to play quite it as fast as here, but this does seem much nearer the mark. A flexible speed of crotchet = 48-52 feels OK to me, but I still feel as if I want to slam on the brakes when the free passage arrive - it's the dotted notes just after the demisemiquavers that don't seem to work. Maybe that is the answer - to be very flexible with the speed here. Any thoughts?

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