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Walker Clarion Mixtures

James Goldrick

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Can anyone point me in the direction of tonally intact J.W. Walker organs with Clarion Mixtures?


Another well known example is St Matthew's Northampton (looks like a J L Pearson church, but isn't).

The Clarion ranks have reed pipes from bottom C to tenor G, then flue pipes at 4ft and 2ft pitch to the top.

There is a good article by Paul Hale about this organ in OR, November 2006.



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St Mary's Portsea - also has 42 note pedal stops with 8ve coupler


As far as I know, these have been 'altered' during work undertaken a few years ago. Apparently, many pipes belonging to the mixtures and the upper parts of the 2ft. ranks were mixed up. Therefore, it is possible that these particular examples do not sound either as originally installed or at their best. I shall ask my boss (who used to be organist there) for further details.

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