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Peter Allison

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I had the opportunity to go and hear Dr. Roy Massey play our annual recital last night. The organ he played is a 3 manual by Forster & Andrews 1862, Connacher 1934 , H & H 1989. It was very well played and attended ( just over 100 people :D )

Roy played some pieces I have not heard before, Intro and passacaglia by C. S. Lang and a prelude and fuge by Frederick Gore Ouseley. It was good to hear a well thought out programe and played with such pannache. it reminded me of a cd I bought many years ago of Bolton Town Hall as he also played the Bach P & F in D minor and the Percy Grainger, Handel in the Strand. What a fine musician he is, especially making light of the difficult peddle work in the Bach.

The organ is certainly a little jewel in the Darlington area, and well worth hearing.


ps. just thought I would submit this to let everyone know that there is still a wealth of good organs and music north of yorkshire ;)

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