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Dear all,


I wonder if I could engage those brains that are so good at dreaming up specifications for organs of a given size on a somewhat different challenge. I've been asked to think up a title for a concert, and I'm at a bit of a loss. Often, there will be some theme to my concerts that suggest titles, but this concert is a fairly random collection of pieces mainly designed to show off the instrument to advantage, particularly reserving the full power of the instrument for short bursts as it is a fairly overpowering instrument for sustained listening.


Here is the programme:

Mendelssohn Sonata 5

Bach Sonata 6

Reger Benedictus (Op 59. No. 9)

Vierne Sicilienne

Vierne Final from Symphony 3


I thought of calling it 'Rumours' as I simply don't have any sensible, attractively marketable suggestions.


Help, please.


Kind regards,



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Thank you all for your suggestions. I was tempted by 'Fred', Barry, but I'm not sure that would get past the committee that vets the recitals at that particular venue. These committees sometimes exhibit a different sense of humour to mine.


Heva, I've played in concerts where food associated in some way with the music has been available. I thought of morphing your suggestion into 'Sauerkraut and Snails'...


I've proposed the title of "Gravitas, Galant and Frisson". (Yes, without the umlaut.)


If you have any more brain waves, do tell, as this will not be set in stone until after the committee meets in a week's time.





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