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St Albans Organ Festival Competition


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I was looking at the St Albans Organ Festival site and noticed that there were no competition entrants from the UK. Russia and Hungary are top with 4 entrants each!

The breakdown is:



Russia 4


Hungary 2

Germany 2

France 2

Korea 1

Switzerland 1

Czech Republic 1

Australia 1



Hungary 2

Germany 1

France 1


Italy 1


I wonder if message boarders are concerned about this and what they might suggest is the reason/cure?

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Just to be clear, this is a list of those entrants who have passed the elimination rounds and thus go forward to the quarter-finals, which take place at the Festival in July. There may well have been entrants from the UK.


Whilst it is disappointing that there are to be no UK competitors at the festival, I think it tells us that the St Albans competition is still highly regarded around the world. Indeed, it may be that its profile is higher outside the UK than within.

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