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Houston, Texas

Peter Clark

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I have been invited to Houston to give a couple of papers at a conference oin October; the conference lasts 1 1/2 days, but I iintend to stay on about a week. Has anybody been there and can recommend any organs worth seeing/playing? I know that the membership of this forum is widely travelled and indeed is pleased to have contributers from all four corners so I suspect that there will have been a few who have been there.





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I've never been to Houston but if I were to go I would want to see:


The big Fisk in Cavaillé-Coll style at Rice University (Clyde Holloway's organ):




The Noack organ at Christ the King Church in the style of Hildebrandt and Silbermann:




and I'd pop to the brand new RC Cathedral of the Sacred Heart where the big Pasi will be installed. Paul Fritts is also building a 50-stop organ in a Presyterian church there but it won't be ready for your visit I don't think.


Good luck with your presentations and have fun.



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The folks at St Martin's are very obliging if you get in touch re the organ.





PS There is also a nice new little book about Schoenstein - available from the OHS

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