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Guest Cynic

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Guest Cynic

I hope that this topic does not break forum rules.

I must state up-front that it is not income I am after, just space to work in!


In brief, I rescued a very compact one-manual Bevington early this year from a church that didn't need/want it. There are four manual stops (firm singing tone) and one pedal stop- a 30 note Bourdon on Electric action. The mechanical action to manuals is sound and the pedalboard is of modern design and comfortable. I need to get rid of it, or at the very least find it somewhere else to stay.


You may wonder why I could have taken it in and now don't want it. I suddenly have to make room for something even more important, viz the remains of a one-manual G.P.England organ from c.1805 which I rescued some years ago and has been stored in an organ-builder's workshop awaiting full restoration. Fate has decreed that I have to decide between the two instruments, and the G.P.England wins.


Someone, somewhere may have room to house the Bevington which I would happily allow out on long loan for nothing (£0.00) or sell on for a very modest fee, what would essentially amount to a bit of reimbursement for what it cost me to rescue this last winter. If anyone would like to follow up this idea please send me a message.


While I write, there is a splendid small two-manual tracker very near here that is also looking for a home. From memory it contains Gt 8884 Swell 8884 Ped 16 - lovely pipework in excellent condition. It is excellently made, of smart appearance (high Victorian, decorated facade) and comfortable to play. I could help anyone both to acquire it and to remove it from the little Methodist Church which is due to close in June or July. I could even offer accommodation for the duration.

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