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Help! New Parish Mass Setting Needed


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Can anyone recommend a simple Common Worship mass setting ? My PP has asked for a more sombre setting that we could use in Lent or Advent.


Simplicity with enough interest to bear repetition is needed. Preferably Unis + SATB for the choir and an uncomplicated organ part ( for I am bear of very little brain).


Any suggestions ? Doesn't have to be written by a big name - if YOU have written something that fits the bill, and can send me a copy for consideration that would be marvellous.


Might I suggest contact by PM, to avoid soaking up unecessary space on this discussion board.


Many thanks,



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Might I refer you to the thread which resulted when I asked a similar question some months ago?


If it's simplicity you're after then Dom Gregory Murray's New People Mass fits the bill. It will get boring after a while, but if its only for Advent and Lent then that ought to be alright. Its not too 'joyful' either, so fulfils the sombre category.

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