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Late Arrivals At The Organists' Ball

Peter Clark

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Some more late arrivals to the organists' ball. Please welcome:


- Mr. & Mrs. Anglais and their lovely daughter Cor.

- Mr. & Mrs. Clyde and their loud-mouthed, odly-named son, Ophi.

- Mr. & Mrs. Dal, along with their adoped son from Norway, Ped.

- Mr. & Mrs. Shorn, and their daughter Gemma (or Gem for short)



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Baby dies! Now Ed plays up on the Compton. (8,5)

Sorry, I had to consult Bicknell....

Downside Abbey!


Not sure about the trunks.


Here's mine: Green grubs, where pipes will hang (10)

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And here come the Mendels followed by the Mendels' son


followed by Mr and Mrs Inuendo and their stupid son Dim Inuendo


And from the theatre organists association, Mr & Mrs Inura, with a host of family members - the kith and KIN-URA




(and judging by the previous posts on this thread - they are VERY late arrivals)

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