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Malcolm Riley

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As part of an ongoing project to create an online Whitlock Photo Album I wonder whether any members might be able to help track down photos (or graven images) of any of the following members of the organistic fraternity:


J Gilbert Curtis (of Liverpool)

Walter Vale

Dr Jamhe H Reginald Dixon (of Lancaster)

C Kenneth Turner (Redhill)

Hustisson Stubington (Tewkesbury)

Hector Shallcross

Percy Saunders (Wakefield)

Archibald Farmer (Organ Music Soc)

Alfred Leonard Flay (Weymouth)

Francis Burgess (Gregorian Assn)

Harold Aubie Bennett (Doncaster/Rochester)

Malcolm Hallowes (Chester?)


Since Whitlock's own 'snapshot' albums were pinched from his widow's cottage in 1968 I have been trying to fill in some of the gaps over the past 30 odd years.


Many thanks

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Re. Walter Vale I suggest trying All Saints' Margaret Street who seem from an early time to have taken archives very seriously. Mhari Ellis seems genterally to be regarded as the fount of all knowledge on musical archives there.


I am sure I have seen a group picture somewhere in a book (although I can't rmember which book) which includes Francis Burgess. I have a short article about him in the current issue of "Laudate", the quarterly magazine of the GCM, in which I say that, despite all the means available for research these days, I have been able to find out virtually nothing about him.


J Gilbert Curtis - possibly the IAO archives as he was very active in that and (if memory serves me correctly) the Organists' Benevolent League.


I speak regularly with someone who knew Percy Saunders fairly well so will see whether he has any suggestions. I can't believe that Wakefiled Cathedral hasn't got one; the present Dean is a super bloke and I'm sure he would be very helpful. There is no photo of Saunders in Enid Bird's excellent book of biographies of 20th century English cathedral organists.



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There is a photo of Huskisson Stubington organist of Tewkesbury Abbey from 1944 to 1996 on page 20 of the recent book by Nicholas Plumley on The Organs of Tewkesbury Abbey on sale from their bookshop. I'm sure a letter to Brian Basham (Hon Assistant Archivist) at Tewkesbury would produce more information.


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