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Hello folks...


A couple of years ago I found reference to a CD of the organ works of Reveyron, IIRC on the REM label (and, I think, a reissue of an LP release).


Alas, by the time I ordered it, it was already out of issue!


If anyone can help me track down a copy, I'd be most grateful





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I seem to remember that he died only this year - Thierry Mechler played on the CD in question I think - perhaps he could help.





Thanks, Alastair...


I'll follow up on that lead.






Thanks for your help - I was directed from his website to fnac.com in France, where I was able to order the CD (although it is more than DOUBLE the price to get it to me here in the USA... a 11 Euro CD will cost me 27 E, about $30US)


No matter... I've been trying to get the CD for 2 years now, and no one seems to import it across the pond(!)


Thanks again,

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Just a follow-up on this...


The CD turned up out-of-print, but a kind person who reads these lists offered me some help, and I finally have it


A nice disc, pity it is out of issue!



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