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Dear Board members

not strictly, actually not at all, an organ topic, but perhaps someone can help me, and therefor a mate of mine living in the desert wilds of Saudi Arabia. I am / he is / we are looking for a tune (possibly by Widor?) known as "Sawston", sung, apparently mostly by catholics, to "Faith of our fathers".


If anyone can help us out by an online reference or by mailing me a scan of this tune at mail@barryjordan.de we'd be ever so grateful.




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See Appendix 15 of the most recent edition of the Westminster Hymnal, 183 of The Catholic Hymn Book (compiled/edited by Paddy Russill for the Brompton Oratory), 156 in Celebration Hymnal for everyone or 246 in Liturgical Hymns Old and New. Also, I know, in a number of other hymn books. It is generally described as "traditional" and certainly not by Widor. In Brighton it tends to be sung more in thr Anglican churches, but that is Brighton for you!



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