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Hello friends


I may have asked this before, but if I did, I don't remember getting a response


Anyone have access to music of Joseph Reveyron? I've found a few of his scores, (i.e. the tpt+organ and Vln + Organ works as wellas the

volume from UE of several pieces) but many remain almost impossible to find, even by interlibrary loan (there are some in the US Library of

Congress, but they refuse to lend them out on ILL, even to a US university!)


I'd be pleased to purchase the music if I could only find it!


Best to all,


- G

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Hello all,


I wanted to follow up on this, as I have found some solutions to this question...


This past week I was in Washington, DC for the national convention of the American Guild of Organists. Beforehand, I did quite a bit of research on the Library of Congress and what the requirements were to access music. In short, it was a very painless process - I obtained my Reader's Card, visited the Performing Arts reading room to ask a few questions, and then later in the week blocked out about 2-3 hours for my search.


They were able to find 3 of the 4 pieces I was looking for, and with their permission I happily photographed the items I needed.... all were copies of the original manuscripts, sent either by the composer or his family. Since they are not published, the library staff allowed me to photograph them for study (I was very careful to ask!).


I was able to get: Intonation, Fugue and Choral on the Name Dante Granato, Passacaille, and Les Sept Sceaux


There were other works I wanted to see, but my narrow window of time only permitted me to access these 3. I hope to go again in the future and access some more scores (they have over 20 MILLION!). I certainly could spend at least a day or two looking for obscure music




Best to all,


- G


(NB - A kind person from another forum also gave me contact details to Reveyron's family, so I can probably fill in the rest of my needs by contacting them)

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