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16 Organs Around Groningen


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I have just received an impressive package, the size and shape of a boxed set of LP records. It contains a full-colour hardback book of 106 pages, a 2-hour DVD (in Dutch, subtitled in English and German) , five CDs and a list of the works performed, including, of course, a full list of registrations.


This is the completion of the project announced in the “Martinikerk Rondo”



The centre of this work is the organ of the Martinikerk in Groningen which retains elements of all of its enlargements and rebuilds since 1450. After discussion of the evidence of each of these periods in the Martinikerk, examples are shown of other instruments in the area which show similar features in other organs from the area which have survived as purer examples of their eras.


It’s expensive. Unfortunately the opening bargain offer is no longer available. It costs 75 euros plus shipping – another 19.50 euros to the UK – but in my opinion it is worth every euro. Order from


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