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Keep All Of Your Paperwork


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When you have ordered your CDs or printed music, received it and paid for it you might assume that the business is completed. My experiences show that it is wise to keep all of your paperwork in case any questions arise later. I am copying below the gist of two sets of correspondence with firms stocking excellent organ music and with friendly staff - but with inefficient administration. In the second case I have just been asked to pay for goods paid for in advance and despatched 20 months ago.




29th January 2008. Order placed.

12th February 2008. Goods received with invoice.

13th February 2008. Payment sent with further order.

6th March 2008. Enquiry because second order not received.

27th March 2008 "I have been checking everything but until now I haven't received payment or order.

You send it by post, right? I'll keep on searching here, maybe we have missed it."

7th April 2008. "I have just found the order and payment. My colleague received it during my day off and it was lost somewhere in his files."



14th February 2008. "Thank you for your order. It is ready for shipment and will be sent after receipt of

your payment."

20th February 2008. "Thanks for your payment. Your order has been sent today."

7th September 2009 (delivered 7th October 2009). Reminder letter requesting payment for that order.

8th October. Email sent to firm giving details, asking them to check and reply.

15th October 2009. No reply yet.

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