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Ye Olde York Minster

Peter Allison

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I just wanted to mention,

that whilst undertaking a job, acting as a half decent pair of eyes, for my best friend, (this afternoon) to look at hand written labels on a load of DAT tapes, looking for some pre 1960 York Minster organ recordings, for a board member, we came across 2 1960 (after the rebuild of that year) recitals, by a chap called Sir George Thalben Ball and Ronald Perrin (obviously pre Ripon, and was FJ's ass I think). Well the Lizst "Ad Nos" was taken at a cracking pace, and was flawless, as was the

Langlais "suite Breve". It was as if HE had been the minster organist, for years, so well aqainted with it.

Also listened to some of FJ's own compositions, recorded for the very first time, with interviews by him, from the 1950's

All these recordings, and there are quite a few, private and BBC ones, and came from the "original spool tapes, and recorded in glorious Mono



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