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First Ever?


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Not to offend our host, but the Willis company will build the 'Cathedral organ' for the protestant church in Leiden.


I think this will be the first instrument (based on exisiting Willis material) to be build by an English builder in Holland.

About time too, after already having seen an interesting collection of 'redundant' instrument making the migration this way.

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Yet another job going to a foreign builder. Absolutely disgusting! :(


Seriously, this will be well worth a trip once the Willis organ is installed - not only to the two organs at the Hooglandse Kerk (I have eulogized the de Swart/van Hagerbeer instrument previously on this board) but there is also the Pieterskerk with another van Hagerbeer instrument and a Thomas Hill of 1883 (IIIP 31) in essentially original condition.

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