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I watched the video in full screen and you can see the console nameplate more clearly.


...Peter Wells, organbuilders 1980.


Couldn't find anything that tallies on the NPOR. Anyone else know ?






An NPOR builder search fro "Peter Wells" with dates between 1978 & 1982 comes up with 5 possibles.


Every Blessing



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The nameplate says Lewis 1865, Willis 1940. There can't be many three manual organs that fit that description. Any more offers before someone writes into the bank to see if they wil settle the mystery?




My apologies. I have replayed the video in high definition and here are a couple of screenshots (slightly sharpened by me to enhance the text):






So definitely Lewis 1865, Peter Wells 19X0, most likely 1980 or 1990. Does that help any further? Googling Peter Wells didn't get me anywhere except his Wikipedia page, which has been deleted, nor could I find any Lewis of 1865 that fitted the description. Does noone have any more ideas abou the identify of this instrument?

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Does noone have any more ideas abou the identify of this instrument?


This from Peter Wells this morning: "Christ Church, Union Grove, SW8 (Clapham). With the Compliments of The Season, Pete."


The Npor ref is http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi...ec_index=N17226


Peter then goes on to say........"In 1980 the organ had new chests and action to the Great and Swell. They could not afford the Choir. The organ was built by T. C. Lewis and altered in the 30's by Priestley. In the 1980 build surviving pipework by Lewis was restored. The original soundboards were unserviceable having been well & truly soaked by the absence of a roof. The organ had been unplayable for many years. The Choir pipework has not survived."


A little googling came up with this http://www.npor.org.uk/Reporter/jul81/h781.htm


Deep within the last paragraph are a few lines stating that S.B. Priestley of Hounslow trained with T.C. Lewis and worked with Casson and Hope-Jones before setting up business on his own.


Hope that helps.



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